Vault 79 is an experiment vault in the Motown Wasteland. Vault 79 was filled with dangerous convicts from prisons, and had Vault-Tec observers and scientists in a separate section. They were each chosen for their violence, and the severity of their offences. Most of the inhabitants were murders or insane. The initial outcome was a bloodbath, most of the dwellers were brutally attacked and murdered. The remaining dwellers established some kind of order, with a leader, Bones Samuel. The inhabitants remained very violent, and some insane, but they were always put in place by the higher ranking inhabitants. At some point the escape tunnel door for the Vault-Tec staff malfunctioned, and became immobile. In 2091, when trying to leave, the staff realized the door malfunction, and were forced to go through the vault to escape. It is unknown what exactly happened to the staff, but it is very likely that the dwellers killed them. The dwellers must have then realized that they could escape, and they did. Once in the wastland they formed the raider gang "The Chosen"