The United Settlements of Michigan (USM) Edit

The USM is a faction located in the Great Lakes Wasteland.

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The United Settlements of Michigan first became a faction in 2127 when Six City and Arbor joined forces and began annexing neighboring settlements. Following the collapse of the central Detroit government, the USM attempted to invade and take over the core and used it as it's capital city. And in 2197, they started annexing territories outside of the Great lakes Wasteland. And began annexing settlements on the coast of the Canadian Wasteland. They took over settlements like New Windsor . By 2299 (When the game takes place), the USM had 97 settlements under their control including 3 vaults (6, 36,and 79) that served as bunker safe houses.


The USM elects their presidents based on votes from the senate. Each settlement gets 5 representatives in the senate. Humans and ghouls are allowed to be senators. The justice system in the USM is led by an elected "General" and you are guilty until proven innocent.


In one of the settlements under their rule (steel city), there is a Corvega assembly plant. There is still some working machines, and salvageable parts. Though production is slow, some cars are actually functioning but only for government officials, wealthy citizens, and the army


The USM citizens use the Michigan Dollar as their currency. It is worth 10 caps and 2 NCR dollars.


The USM owns 4 colonies and 12 states and 1 territory.