Detroit was one of the largest cities in pre war America. I helped to manufacture cars, tanks, and vertibirds for use against the Chinese leading up to the great war of 2077. Due to it's importance, the US government installed the most state of the art anti missile defense systems of the time. And when the bombs dropped, Detroit was nearly 100% protected.

The residents of Detroit quickly began to panic, but they were able to form a sort of government with the mayor acting as their leader. They managed to form walls around the city using old cars and trash. This protected them from many of the wasteland's creatures. But the radiation storms began to cause chaos among the people of New Detroit. People began to turn into ghouls, so the government of New Detroit ordered all citizens to stay indoors. The citizens were kept indoors for months and soon became restless. A new group started to question the leadership of the city and staged a rebellion. They stormed the Corvega tower and killed the president.

In the years that followed (2080-2083), New Detroit was in constant turmoil and many new factions attempted to gain control over the city. The wars between the factions were later known as the Detroit wars. The USM at this point attempted to control the city but was fought back by the other factions.

By the year 2100, most of the city's inhabitants were either ghouls, or left the city all together. The city of New Detroit was now a shell of it's former glory...

But, there was one faction that remained in New Detroit. They were named the Roitans. They fortified the Corvega tower and used the top few floors as green houses to sustain their population of about 150 people.

By 2150, the people in the Corvega tower's population reached 500, so they expanded to the other Corvega towers.

And by 2230 they reached 2000 people. But by 2250, their population doubled to 4000. This population could not sustain itself so it quickly erupted into chaos, once again with factions fighting for control of the city. Eventually, after the USM proposed annexation, the citizens of New Detroit accepted.

In 2275, the city was officially the head quarters of the USM.

In 2278, the Lake Militia were allowed to create an embassy in the city.

In 2278, the power was re established in the city, using the newly annexed state of Warren's power plant.

In 2283, the Corvega tower was transformed from a residential building the the USM's senate building.

In 2285, New Detroit was renamed the The Core.

In 2290, the city was given the status of a state, and could send a representative to the senate.

In 2295, the city was thriving and a coast guard was made for the city in particular.