The Road to Ronto DLC takes place in the Ontario Wilderness.

The DLC starts when you hear a broadcast on The Core radio. It says "Hello members of the USM, we have a newly discovered settlement over by lake Ontario, if we could get any vertibirds mobilized, that would be great, thank you. President Michael out".

Once you hear the message, a quest opens on your pip boy. The quest is called "Road to Ronto".

You have to go to the USM airforce headquarters located in the state of Warren. Once there, the president is waiting for you. He tells you to take the salvaged Brotherhood airship and fly to our base in Roller City.

Once in Roller city, the airship gets refueled and you have to get the ambassador. When Ambassador Deven gets on the airship with you, you may continue.

On your way, it becomes night time and you can see the slight green glow of lake Erie. But you get attacked by the Cleveland slavers. You must protect the airship as the 8 vertibirds help to destroy the slavers navy.

Once you arrive at Niagara falls, you meet up with a small team of lake militia men and you take their ships to Ronto.

You arrive in the morning, and just as the sun rises over the horizon, you see the skyscrapers of Ronto.

You arrive on shore and a group of about 25 Ronto military men escort you to the Ronto tower. You meet the prime minister of Ronto and they permit you to create a USM embassy in downtown Ronto.